Introducing our new digital printer

We’ve recently taken delivery of a brand-new digital printer that really has the wow factor!

Toner based, the Xerox Iridesse Production Press allows us to print 6 colours in one pass. In addition to the base CMYK colour palette, the new digital printer allows for two further speciality dry colours, including a rainbow of metallic hues, metallic gold & silver, or white and clear varnish.

Metallic print finishes in St James’s, London

As highlighted in our blog ‘Graphic design trends we think will be big in 2019’, metallic colours will be highly sought after this year. This new printer will allow us to print gold and silver elements in one pass, making this impressive print finish more economical than ever before.

Metallic inks add a touch of class to logos and personalised elements on invitations or greetings cards.

Fine gradients on your marketing materials

To create print that really impresses, you’ll need it to print in HD quality. The Iridesse delivers 4x more addressable shades than competitive presses.

Gradients look great with our new printer too. The toner has been designed to print at the optimal particle size, creating smoother tints and very accurate fine detailing.

Spot colours that make your designs pop

Adding clear ink to a design sounds pointless right?


Adding clear ink to large areas, or specific spots can create a high shine finish for your printed materials. Use it to create vibrant spot colours that stand out from other elements on the page or enhance photographic elements.

If you want to ensure a part of your design ‘pops’, the use of clear ink will make it stand out. An alternative to lamination or UV coating, for maximum impact, use a clear ink on solid and bold areas or on large text areas.

Alternatively, flood the whole page to create a varnish effect and protect documents, which may otherwise be subject to wear and tear.

Where can I use metallic inks and spot colours?

Environmentally friendly printing in London

The Xerox Iridesse is one of the most environmentally friendly digital presses on the market. The amount of energy consumption, waste paper and chemicals is vastly lower compared to other models. The print that is produced is also easily recyclable. Work that would also be carried out on two machines can now be completed on the one machine, again making the print more environmentally friendly.

Kall Kwik St James’s are digital printing experts in London

We’ve been printing in central London for 40 years. If you need any print for your business or organisation we can help. From business cards to book covers, we can create printed documents that ensure you stand out.

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