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How to make your business card stand out

Business cards are still an important part of the marketing mix. They’re a way to start conversations. To introduce yourself to potential clients and give them a way of contacting you after you’ve left the business meeting.

To ensure your business creates a good first impression, you need to make it stand out.

What information to include on a business card?

In an article all about how to make your business card stand out, we’re going to start with some things that should be the same on all cards. As they’re essentially a means of displaying information, there are certain elements that must be included.

These include:

  • Name
  • Job Title
  • Company name and logo
  • Your contact information

It’s also important to have a good amount of white space, which does not contain information, to ensure the key points are easy to see.


Often one side of the business card will be dedicated to the information described above. This leaves a whole side on which to get creative. A full-size image can be attention-grabbing on its own. Alternatively, why not add spot UV to highlight specific areas of the image, adding a tactile element to the card.

Alternatively, less is very often more. A simple embossed or reflective logo on the back side can create a minimal look, which looks especially effective.

Business card colour

The colour of the card is another way to convey your brand’s personality. While you must conform to your brand guidelines, the colour choice can make your business card stand out. Bright neon colours can be reflective of a young, vibrant, and creative company. Dark colours with gold elements hint towards elegance and tradition.

Digital Printing Business Cards

Paper stock and specialist finishes

The paper stock they’ve chosen says a lot about the company handing you a business card. A thin, flimsy card will do you no favours. To create the right impression, we recommend 450gsm card as a minimum.

When it comes to the finish, we would suggest a maximum of two specialist looks to avoid the card looking cluttered. Embossing and metallic foiling work well together, while spot UV can make a logo stand out.

Different Shaped business cards

One easy way to differentiate your card from others is to die cut it to a different shape to the standard rectangle. This is especially effective for those brands who want to give off a modern vibe. We’ve seen cards with the corner ‘bitten’ off, and an array of shapes, including lipstick and houses.

Companies wanting to portray a more traditional style with a contemporary edge may wish to try rounded corners rather than a complete departure with expected conventions.

We can cut cards to any shape in-house, including cut out elements in the card itself. To find out more, speak to our print team on (020) 7930 1976.

Choose Kall Kwik St James’s as your business card printer of choice in London

We’ve been printing business cards from our location on Pall Mall for over 40 years. Whether looking for new designs for a modern start-up, or traditional printed cards for a long-established institution we can print your business cards fast. For advice on the best finish for your business card, speak to our print team on (020) 7930 1976 or fill in our contact form.