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Virtual Conference Delegate Packs in Westminster, London SW1

Make a real impact with your remote meeting. Our printed delegate packs can be sent to attendees of Zoom, Teams or Skype meetings before or after the event. Call our South West London office now on (020) 7930 1976 or email [email protected] for a quote.

Virtual meetings are a great way to connect with your audience at the moment but how can you make them even more effective? One thing delegates miss out on is the physical element of printed copies of conference papers, product information and supporting documents. That’s where we can help. Our virtual conference delegate packs can help deliver your message in a physical way and make your event truly memorable.

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Virtual conference delegate packs – getting the best from your video meetings

Just imagine you’re holding a virtual conference and prior to the event your participants receive a pack of supporting material in the post. How will that make them feel towards your brand? Let’s face it one of the big attractions to a real life conference is the goody bag you may receive. By using our virtual conference packs you can combine the benefits of a virtual meeting with the excitement of attending in person and it will leave a longer lasting impression with your delegates.

We can create a totally bespoke package for you, tailored around your needs. Why not call us now to see how we can help?

We can look after the design, printing and distribution of the delegate packs so all you need to worry about is providing excellent content for the day.

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Make your virtual meetings even more effective

Printed delegate packs prior to your event

Our event packs can be delivered prior to your event perhaps once they have registered to build anticipation for your event. Speakers biographies, an agenda, notebook and pen can create a positive anticipation for your attendees.

Send a delegate pack after your event

Following your event imagine the feel good factor you’ll develop when a printed delegate pack arrives with your attendees. An ideal time to supply conference papers, speakers presentations, and perhaps something to thank them for participating in your event. All complete with a branded delegate bag.

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Why not talk to one of our team now about how we can make your virtual meetings even more effective with our virtual delegate packs. Call us now on (020) 7930 1976 or email [email protected]

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