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How to engage with your customers at Christmas

Christmas is a feel-good time. A precious few weeks in the year where individuals will be receptive to, and even expect to be, hearing from your business. Printed materials are a magnificent way to promote your services throughout the year, but can be especially effective at yuletide. Getting people to read your message is half of the battle, and having an approachable audience certainly makes it easier. Read on to discover how print can help you to connect with your customers this festive season.

Corporate Christmas cards can cement a relationship

As we described in our blog ‘Why your client will appreciate a corporate card this Christmas’, bespoke Christmas cards are a personal way of connecting with your customers. Targeted towards your best customers or principal suppliers, a card will show that you care about them, especially if they’re signed with a personal message.

A busy time of the year – Royal Mail are looking to employ around 20,000 temporary workers to deal with the Christmas rush – direct mail takes on increased importance during the festive time. If you want to send a mailshot or a large number of Christmas cards but do not have the time to stuff hundreds of envelopes, we can help. We will arrange postal schedules, manage and clean your mailing list and even seal your envelopes on your behalf.

Get in contact with our print team to find out more.

A branded calendar will promote your brand all year round

While a Christmas card is unique in marketing, in that it sits on a customer’s desk for up to a month, Calendars or wall planners are even better. An all-year-round marketing tool for your business, calendars make an excellent corporate gift. In front of your customers for 12 months, a branded calendar provides a constant reminder of your business values and excellent levels of customer service – or whatever message you use it to convey.

Advertise your events with large format print from Kall Kwik St James’s

Of course, during Noël, in all likelihood, there will be a multitude of events taking place in your locality. Whether you are hosting or sponsoring an event, or promoting a forthcoming sale, posters & banners are some of the most effective methods of promoting the occasion.

For an absorbing design, get in touch with the team at Kall Kwik St James’s. Our experienced graphic designers and expert print team can help you produce outstanding artwork to promote your event.

Festive packaging

If you send products through mail-order outlets, Christmas will likely be one of your busiest times of the year. There are a few ways to make an extra impact with your packaging over this period. Stickers, tissue paper and themed thank you notes can all add a unique touch to your yuletide mailings, which will be remembered by your customers in the New Year.

Branded gift tags can also add a classic look to your packaging and advertise your company to non-customers who may have received your product as a gift. One way to ensure the tag is left on the parcel and not removed prior to it being gifted, is to make it functional. By adding ‘To:’ and ‘From:’ on the tag, it becomes usable, greatly reducing the likelihood that it will be removed.

Update your online and offline shopfronts for the season

As well as updating your printed material, winter brings with it an ideal time to refresh the look of your online offerings. Changing the main header image and updating any special offers for the festive period will leave your website looking current.

Consider also updating your ‘physical’ shopfront. Window graphics can promote seasonal promotions and be easily replaced for the January sales, allowing you to really capitalise on the extra passing footfall Christmas brings.

Kall Kwik St James’s can help with your Christmas printing

The team at Kall Kwik St James’s are print and design experts. If you are looking for marketing inspiration this Christmas period, contact us on (020) 7930 1976 or email [email protected].

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