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Why a business card is still relevant in 2020

Imagine the scenario. You’re exhibiting at the ExCeL. It’s going really well, and the prospect with who you’re networking is red hot. The discussion comes to a close and the potential customer asks for your contact details. You reach for your business card, fumble about for a bit, before admitting you thought they were obsolete so didn’t actually have any printed. Your lead walks off. He doesn’t have your details, leaving you red faced and without a new contact.

Like the salesman selling a pen, a business card becomes important when you don’t have one. Here are five more reasons why business cards are as relevant as ever in 2020…

1. Business cards make you appear professional

In certain situations, having a business card is expected. Take the scenario above. Not having a business card at a large networking event looks unprofessional, even impolite. It gives the impression that you don’t plan ahead, or worse that you don’t care.

Having a business card is important for a number of reasons, which we’ll talk about below. But the main reason for carrying a business card in 2020, is that if you don’t, then you won’t have one to hand out to your contacts. And for many that’s often unforgivable.

2. Business cards are tactile

Yes, a business card is essentially a way of communicating your contact details. But it’s also a way of starting a relationship on the right footing. Handing over a physical card as opposed to a digital interaction is more personal. Often accompanied by eye contact and a handshake, the passing of cards helps cement a connection.

Plus, as they’re a physical item, they’re guaranteed to be looked at again, even if the second viewing is just to throw it in the bin. There’s always a chance that even that act will bring your business back to the front of your prospect’s mind.

A digital connection cannot guarantee that.

3. Create a brand identity through your business card

Business cards, like all your business stationery, represent your brand. Even a basic, black and white card can say a lot about your business. The weight of the card stock it’s printed on, for example, can give an indication of how professional you want to be perceived.

There are other easy ways to represent your brand through your card. The imagery you use, the colour scheme, even the shape of the card itself. If you want to find out more, our blog, ‘How to make your business card stand out’ is a great source of inspiration.

What is important to remember is that your contact information needs to be clearly communicated. How you do that is up to your, your imagination, and your brand guidelines!

4. Business cards are not tech dependent

Technology has come a long way. But there are still occasional limitations, such as poor signal or low batteries to contend with. Business cards suffer none of these problems. As long as you order enough, your message will certainly get across.

In our blog ‘Why business cards are still relevant in a digital world’, we showed how QR codes and NFC chips can be applied to a business card. As technology moves on, the way we interact with physical items changes too. Today apps that scan the information from a business card and automatically add it to your phone’s contacts are commonplace. Another reason why business cards will not die out.

5. They’re international

Business cards are truly international. Indeed, in some cultures they’re essential. In Japan, there’s a whole ritual associated with the exchanging of cards. If dealing with a Japanese customer, carrying a stack of business cards and knowing the etiquette associated with them will keep your business deal on track and save you a ton of embarrassment.

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As you can see, business cards can be the difference between continuing a business transaction, or seeing a lead walk off into the sunset, never to return. As they’re portable and easy to store, why would you not keep some handy?

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