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Posted: May 30, 2018   •   Posted in: Marketing Tips, Printing London

Printing for hotels in London – check in for a 5 star service

In London, there are 1,494 hotels. All are competing against each other to attract tourists, businessmen and weekend travellers. Often sold on word of mouth endorsements, having excellence in hotel-keeping is all about those extra tiny details that turn a guest’s stay into a memorable experience. Get those right and you will find your patron’s recommendations on comparison sites are that little bit more favourable.

What does Kall Kwik St James’s print for hotels in London?

At Kall Kwik we print a wide range of items for hotels. From menus to posters, event promotions to brochures for the spa, a hotel’s printed materials are an important part of their marketing mix.

Here are some of the items we can print for hotels:

According to research, there is an information gap in the hotel sector. This provides an opportunity for the savvy hotelier. People want to see price lists, what types of room are available, special offers and information about the individual hotels in a chain. As well as displaying this on your website, a flyer or brochure can convey this information in a tactile manner that will attract potential guests.

Why use Kall Kwik St James’s for your hotel printing?

At Kall Kwik St James’s, we understand the unique requirements of businesses in the hospitality sector. We know that hotels must work to fast turnarounds, producing material for a conference one week, a wedding the next.

Getting your marketing message right is imperative. Working with large brands we understand the importance of corporate guidelines and can help independent hotels as well as franchised operations to create their own. We supply printed materials in long or short runs and to your specific deadlines.

We’re familiar with working with the various departments within a hotel, whether it be forms for check-in, menus for food and beverage or Guest survey cards for sales and marketing.

For printing for the London hotel industry check-in with Kall Kwik St James’s

At Kall Kwik St James’s, we can help you with all of your design and print requirements. There is no need to liaise with multiple design and print suppliers. When it comes to getting the details absolutely perfect, we are as obsessive as the very best hoteliers.

We are not just your friendly, local design and print supplier. We are the team that understands the London hospitality industry and has the skills and experience to help you market your business.

For a welcome that is as warm as the one you extend to your guests, call us on (020) 7930 1976 or email [email protected] to discuss your hotel’s design and print needs.