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Posted: October 12, 2018   •   Posted in: Marketing Tips, Printing London

Printing for retailers in central London

In London the variety of retail outlets is extensive. Even today, streets are lined with shops, all competing to get tourists and locals to part with their cash. From international brands to independent stores, all fight for attention. So how do you ensure your retail store stands out from your competitors?

What printed materials could I use to increase footfall to my retail store in London?

There are many purposes for using printed materials. To attract attention from the street, encouraging passers-by into your premises. To inspire customers to actively seek your store out to find a specific sale or product. And to encourage them to buy once they are inside your shop.

To attract passing trade, pavement signs and window graphics are especially effective. Seen from the path A-board pavement signs will attract the attention of the public enticing them inside. If placed efficiently they will be visible to both pedestrians and vehicles alike.

Equally effective, window graphics can be easily replaced to reflect changing seasons or promotions. Regularly changing your window dressings keeps your shopfront interesting. A change may also catch the eye of a customer who walks past your premises every day, prompting them inside.

With both these forms of signage, it is important to keep the message simple. The customer won’t have long to concentrate on the message. So keep it short like a newspaper headline with a clear call-to-action.

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How can print help sell my products?

Once a customer is inside your store, the relationship with them has already started. Persuasive print can help cement a deal. Helpful point of sale can capture their attention through an interesting slogan or sale advert. Posters are effective at introducing a new product range. To keep them coming back for more, consider a loyalty card. Giving a stamp for every £10 spent with a reward for receiving 10 stamps will increase loyalty towards your brand, especially when getting close to the reward. A gift voucher will also encourage customers to buy in your store.

Are printed catalogues and mailshots still effective for retailers?

The rise of the internet and smartphone apps have meant the role of catalogues has changed. While no longer the go to medium when searching for a specific product, a well-designed brochure or catalogue can spark interest in related products. A lifestyle shot of a television in a well-dressed lounge may help to sell a rug or a pair of curtains, for example. Having a physical catalogue is also shown to draw attention to the company website, with 60% of people making an online purchase within a week of receiving a catalogue. Proof of their continued effectiveness.

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