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Vinyl Banners: Market your business in all seasons

A popular method of promoting an event, vinyl banners are designed to be seen by the maximum number of people possible. Printed with UV-based inks, they won’t fade. And as they’re also waterproof, they can withstand everything a British summer can throw at them.

Read on to find out more about this effective marketing method.


What are PVC banners?

Printed onto polyester and coated with Polyvinyl Chloride, PVC banners are a hardwearing method of advertising. Easy to hang and long lasting, vinyl banners are bright, glossy and attract attention.

Weatherproof, they’re perfect for use at trade shows, advertising upcoming events, or promoting new products or special offers. They are also great for conveying special messages, such as happy birthday, happy retirement, or congratulations on a wedding.

As PVC stands for Polyvinyl Chloride, PVC banners are also known as vinyl banners. Due to their versatility, we’ve used the term ‘outdoor banners’ on our website.


What types of vinyl banners are there?

Our vinyl banners are printed on 440gsm banner grade material and can include eyelets and hems. They can also be manufactured with pole pockets to make displaying them easy.

Mesh banners are great for outdoor use, as they have small holes that allow wind to pass through them. Although this is a more expensive option, the banner is even more long-lasting than normal vinyl as they don’t crumple up or rip as easily.

Great for larger banners that are attached to a building, mesh banners can also be used to screen private property, such as on construction sites.


How to hang vinyl banners

Vinyl banners are easy to hang. But it’s important to do so correctly, to avoid them ripping, sagging, or just not displaying their content correctly.

In the first instance, it’s important to measure the space where you’re going to hang the banner to get it printed to the correct size.


Vinyl banner attached to fence

Attaching a vinyl banner to a fence

If attaching to a fence, zip ties or specialist bungee ties can be used to attach the banner to the fence, using the attached eyelets. The benefit of the latter method is that there is an element of elasticity that allows the banner to move in the wind.

Attaching a vinyl banner to a wall

If attaching to a wall, you’ll need to use screws. Simply measure the distance between the eyelets and drill holes into the wall. Hook screws or a screw and washer combination can then be used to hold the banner in place.

Remember to use all the eyelets, not just those in the four corners. This will help preserve the long life of your banner.


Vinyl Banner attached to A frame

Freestanding vinyl banners

Where your banner must be freestanding, we can supply strong A-frames to accommodate. The banners can be easily attached to the frame using bungee cords and the attached eyelets. To double your exposure, banners can be mounted on both sides of the frame.


Can vinyl banners be recycled?

Because they’re made of PVC, vinyl banners are not commercially recycled. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with them once they’ve gone past their usefulness as a banner.

Adding self-adhesive vinyl means you can easily update dates or pricing, making it possible to reuse a banner for a number of years running. It may be worth futureproofing banners by designing them without information that dates them. While this will not work for banners advertising events, for general advertising, it may prolong the usable life of a banner.

Should you need to recycle the banner, take advantage of their waterproof qualities by using them as tarpaulin to cover materials kept outside that would otherwise be exposed to the elements.

If you’re useful with a sewing machine, some sites have suggested turning old vinyl banners into Tote bags. Other options include donating them to local schools to use as carpet protectors during messy playtimes.

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