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Posted: March 10, 2020   •   Posted in: Marketing Tips, Printing London

Marketing Tip: Promote your business using leaflet drops

If you sell to consumers, leaflet drops are a cost-effective way to get your message across. These can be extremely memorable and with the right design, eye-catching and striking.

They can produce a reaction in your target audience, with the right call-to-action. Indeed, in a survey conducted by Royal Mail, 59 per cent of people who received a door drop went on to visit the company’s website to discover more. Their physical shop was also visited by 37 per cent of people.

Do door to door leaflets work?

Research shows that door to door leaflet drops can be a successful marketing strategy. Especially when you send leaflets out regularly.

Did you know?

Successful for restaurants, charities, estate agents, tradespeople and those offering financial services, door drop mail gets over the challenge of developing a GDPR-compliant mailing list. Simply choose the place you want to encourage sales in and use the unaddressed door drop to get your message across.

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Make your leaflet drops stand out

Make your leaflet stand out with persuasive copy, perhaps a distinctive die-cut shape and a powerful call to action. By making it obvious what you want the receiver to do once they have read it, your conversions should increase.

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Want to run a leaflet drop marketing campaign in London?

Kall Kwik St James’s can help you get the most out of your leaflet drop. We’ll help you to create the right message through the design, content, and printing of your leaflet. Call (020) 7930 1976 or email [email protected] to find out more.