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Are printed brochures and leaflets still effective for marketing in 2019?

Once upon a time, not so very long ago, print was the only option when it came to marketing your goods, services or a special offer. Nowadays, digital media is everywhere. Paid social media ads, Google Adwords and large format digital displays all dominate our daily lives. And yet, print continues to be at the forefront of marketing activities. And two of the most effective mediums are brochures and leaflets.

Here we look into why these two marketing mediums continue to be so effective.


What are the advantages of a brochure?

With so many digital platforms available today, why do companies still trust printed brochures? Brochures are effective because they’re cost-effective, versatile, visually pleasing and can include lots of information.

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  • They’re cost-effective Unlike paid online ads which compete with each other, sending the cost per click soaring, brochures have a fixed price. And the more you order, the lower the unit cost. If you require large volumes of brochures for exhibitions or a mail drop they can be very cost-effective.
  • They’re versatile As suggested above, brochures can be used for a number of purposes. Used to accompany a stunning display at a trade show or exhibition, brochures can provide a lasting reminder of a new product or service. They can be posted as part of a targeted marketing campaign, or distributed at the front of stores or even left in waiting rooms.
  • They include lots of information On the web people have limited attention spans. It’s why social media sites are so popular. With printed materials, the reader invests more time in dissecting their contents. Brochures can contain lots of information within their pages. Even the most simple brochure with a tri-fold design has five pages, in addition to the cover, in which to provide all the information you want to promote.
  • They’re visually pleasing Utilising a combination of text and images, graphs and maps, a well-designed brochure will look visually appealing, and convey interesting in stimulating ways. And unlike web pages which may not display correctly on every device, a brochure will look the same on a coffee table, display stand or in a customer’s hand.


Flyer design and print

What are the purposes of leaflets?

Unlike a multi-page booklet, leaflets are usually single sheets, sometimes folder in half. This means they are perfect for attracting attention and conveying important information quickly, often encouraging the reader to try and learn more about a product or service.

Used as a sales tool, or as a more generic piece of marketing, leaflets are another effective way of conveying lots of information in a small space. Often containing an offer code, leaflets often result in physically attracting customers into a store. If the experience they receive instore is a good one, they may even recommend you to family and friends.


Is flyering effective in marketing?

Also known as leafleting, flyering is the act of distributing flyers or leaflets. This can either be through delivering the leaflets through all letterboxes in a given area, placing them on car windscreens, or handing out at specific events or in prominent locations.

Where leaflets from a door drop are retained, they will stay in the household for an average of 38 days, with 23% of all mail being shared around the household. Where effectively designed and targeted, flyering can be an especially effective method of marketing.


How to track the effectiveness of printed marketing materials?

Online advertisements and email marketing offer quantifiable insights into their effectiveness as every clickthrough is counted along with a host of other statistics. It is, however, harder to measure the effectiveness of a printed campaign.

Using methods such as unique coupons and voucher codes, QR codes, mail order forms, and surveying your customers may help you to understand how effective a printed marketing campaign has been.

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  • Coupons and Vouchers Often money off discounts are included inside a brochure or on a flyer. If the code is unique to your printed material, you’ll know where the order came from, whether it’s taken by phone or used online.
  • QR Codes Combining digital marketing with print, a QR code makes it easy to link to an online platform from your brochure or leaflet. QR codes could link through to a specific product page, an instructional video or an email sign up form. Whatever action you want your customer to take, it’s easy to measure success when using QR codes.
  • Mail order forms Once the go-to method for mail order companies, a paper form may seem antiquated these days. For certain demographics, this can still be an effective method.
  • Ask customers You know that drop-down box on a website form that asks where you heard of the company. Use this and you’ll be able to measure how effective your print advertising has been.


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