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Kall Kwik St James’s now offers die cut print finishes in-house

Do you require eye-catching print? Do you need to add decorative elements to your designs? Do you want printed materials which stand out?

As print designs get more and more demanding, we need to adapt to our clients’ changing needs. That’s why we have recently invested in a great new piece of kit, which will revolutionise the print output we can achieve.

Our new die cutting machine allows us to produce all kinds of cut out shapes on a wide range of card stock. If you are looking for shaped business cards with cut out elements, door hangers or decorative stickers we can deliver.

What is die cutting in printing?

The term die refers to a thin blade with a sharp edge, which is used to cut sections out of materials such as paper, card or fabric. The F-Mark Automatic Die Cutter cuts these shapes to an accuracy of 0.2mm, allowing for very precise reproductions. As well as die cutting, the machine can also accurately score or perforate depending on your needs, and kiss cut as required.

What is the difference between die cutting and kiss cutting?

Die cutting and kiss cutting are techniques used to create shaped stickers and labels. Although similar, the results are slightly different.

Die cutting is used to cut through the sticker material AND its backing, resulting in a single shaped sticker with its liner also cut to the same shape.

Kiss cutting on the other hand, makes a lighter cut (or kiss) around the sticker’s edge, without damaging the backing. This means multiple stickers can be provided on a single sheet or on a roll.

What can I print digitally using the die cutter?

Our die cutting machine can create virtually any shape.

Some examples are listed below…

Die cut printing in central London

If you are looking for a way to create interesting and eye-catching graphics. If you want to add a touch of elegance to a business card or event invitation. Or if you want to produce unforgettable marketing materials, then adding die cut elements to your printed artwork may make all the difference.

The possibilities are virtually endless. For modern looking business cards, shaped masks for parties or product labels the designs that can be achieved are plentiful. To find out more about die cut printing in Westminster and Central London, contact Kall Kwik St James’s on (020) 7930 1976 or email [email protected].