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Posted: October 26, 2017   •   Posted in: Graphic Design

The importance of printed brochures in marketing

Printed brochures have been a trusted marketing medium for countless years. Distributed at the end of a conference or during a sales meeting, this glossy information source acts as a continuous silent salesperson, marketing an idea long after the initial pitch has ended.

Brochures are tactile, tangible and engaging, traits that make them super effective as a marketing tool.

What is a brochure?

At its simplest, a brochure is a booklet that has been created to display a product, service or brand to its full potential. When well-designed though, a brochure can be a compelling piece of literature. More than a sales magazine, it can effectively showcase a product through truly inspiring photography and stimulating words. Targeted at an already ‘engaged’ audience, the aim of a brochure is to influence a potential customer to finalise a considered purchase.

Unlike a flyer or pamphlet, brochures are designed to be kept, rather than quickly discarded. The most effective brochures are often a work of art, beautiful to look at and touch, and finished in style. Typically A4 in size, brochures and booklets can be printed in larger or smaller sizes to make them even more memorable. A perfect bound document printed on thick stock can create a stunning impression of quality.

Why are brochures invaluable to marketing campaigns?

A well designed brochure tells a story. It showcases products or services in their best light, answering any questions a potential customer may have. It tells the history of a company; sells a new model of car; or promotes a holiday of a lifetime. They can be aspirational and sell a lifestyle. To achieve this, the brochure too must be sleek, professional and evocative. Exceptional photography, engaging copy and eminent print can help sway a potential purchase.

An expensive or high-risk purchase in particular may be influenced by an effective brochure. Having something physical that can be referred to again and again can help the decision-making process when buying a brand-new car or a cruise holiday.

Used alongside a webpage, social media and blog posts, a brochure can be even more effective. The better the design, the less likely it is to be thrown away. And the longer it sits on a coffee table, the longer it acts as a sales tool, selling that aspiration, that dream purchase, that lifestyle.

No other medium has that impact. Which is why a brochure is still invaluable in marketing today.


An open brochure


How to make your brochure stand out

An impressive brochure does of course take time, professionalism and design expertise to get right. While the booklet could be designed in-house, to get the desired effect many businesses prefer to work with a company like Kall Kwik St James who can offer creative design skills along with a wide variety of paper stocks and print finishes.

For a really impressive document it is important to consider the following aspects:

Who is the target audience and purpose? – The most important consideration when designing a brochure is to understand the target audience and the aim of the document. Depending on whether a sales or a corporate brochure, the objective and therefore linguistic and image choices will be different. Clearly define your audience and goals to deliver tangible results.

What format and finish would be most effective? – Brochures don’t have to be A4 in size. It’s worth thinking about how they are going to be distributed. If they are being posted it may be more economic to go for an A5 brochure but you can make it stand out from the crowd by having it landscape rather than portrait. A popular size at the moment is 210 mm square. Often the content and the types of images available will influence the final choice and this is where our designers can guide you.

What content should be included? – The style and tone of the brochure will be determined by the purpose of the media. If you are looking to showcase a new range, high quality imagery can effectively ‘sell’ a product. For a corporate brochure, well thought out text and the use of infographics may be more appropriate.

What specific colour scheme is required? – A colour scheme should be consistent throughout the brochure. This will allow the reader to instantly identify with the document and connect with it all through the journey. It should also be linked to your branding to tie in with any other campaigns.

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