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Posted: May 21, 2018   •   Posted in: Website design

Is it time for a new website?

In the world of websites, the technology is constantly changing. Keeping up with these changes is vitally important to avoid being left behind. How your website looks and how it performs are vitally important. It needs to provide a great user experience, easily communicate the information your customer is looking for and display well on mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers alike. But what if it doesn’t? Are you missing out on potential customers because of an out-of-date or slow-running website?

The tell-tale signs that it’s time for a new website

How do you tell if you should update your website? Here are some of the tell-tale signs:

  • Is it slow?
  • Does it look outdated?
  • Is it failing to sell your products?
  • Is it difficult to maintain?
  • Are the call-to-actions missing or ineffective?
  • Is it ranking poorly in search engine results?
  • Does it look terrible on a mobile phone?
  • Does it talk all about you rather than what you can do for your customers?

If the answers to the questions above are yes, then maybe now’s the time to do something about it. At its core, a website is a communication tool. If it’s difficult for users to communicate with your brand digitally, you’re going to lose sales. If your site’s over three years old it’s time to have a review and see if it could be working harder for you.

How does your site look on a mobile?

One of the most important factors for websites in 2018 is how they look on mobile devices. With over 40% of visits to a website now being on a mobile or tablet, how your pages look on these devices is vitally important. If it doesn’t display properly visitors will look elsewhere. And that’s not good for business. If your website is a few years old there’s a chance it’s not mobile friendly and may not look as good as it should.

Did you know Kall Kwik St James’s design websites for London based businesses?

You probably know Kall Kwik for our great business design and print. But did you know we also design websites?

We create websites that are responsive or mobile friendly and incorporate the latest design trends. With the option for ecommerce functionality, our websites can be an effective sales tool for your brand.

For website design in Westminster, London SW1, visit Kall Kwik St James’s

So, is it time for a new website? If you’re asking the question, then in all likelihood, yes, it probably is!

Don’t miss out on potential new business because your website lets you down. Our team are experts in creating professional and sleek websites which attract customers. The bar is constantly being raised by your competitors so it’s more important than ever to stand out with a website that complements your business.

Why not call us now on (020) 7930 1976 for an informal chat to see how we could help.