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Posted: August 15, 2019   •   Posted in: Marketing Tips, Printing London

Printed communication tools for business

As businesses, you have a lot of information to convey to your customers, prospects and interested stakeholders. Information which could influence a sale, keep them informed, or disseminate figures as required by law. There are many formats that this communication could take. Email marketing and social media are two such methods of communication. But, as a predominantly print company, we still believe that printed mediums are the most effective.

Below is a list of ways to get the most from your business communications.


Report Printing

Annual report printing for stakeholders

Under UK law, private limited companies must provide their shareholders, people who can go to the company’s general meetings, companies house and the HMRC with a copy of their annual accounts. Whether they present this information in electronic or printed form is up to them.

Where once, accounts were all distributed in a physical format, increasingly they are provided online, accompanied by videos or interactive content. This is all well and good, but what about those people who don’t have a computer? Or those who prefer a physical copy?

As in all communication, when deciding how to distribute your report, be led by your audience. If just one person requires a printed report, give them a printed report. In that situation, print-on-demand may be an option. Most of your recipients will be able to see the information online, but those who request it will be able to receive a paper copy.

Combine your digital and printed business communication

Another option may be to combine your printed and digital offerings. Consider sending a beautifully printed, all-singing, all-dancing, annual report to your key shareholders, while having a digital version available to the general public or lesser stakeholders.

Or send a summary version of your report through the post, with a more detailed version available on your website. If you do choose to go down either of these routes though, remember to design for the medium that you are going to display the report on. Printed reports will have to be linear in layout, while digital mediums can jump around more, with hyperlinks linking to supporting evidence.

An argument against a printed report is cost. One way that physically distributing your printed annual report could be more cost-effective is to combine it with marketing material. Look upon the necessity of sending a report as an opportunity rather than an obligation. An opportunity as a once a year chance to communicate with your stakeholders.

Include a brochure, flyer or other marketing collateral to turn this informative mailer into a useful sales tool.

Printed reports certainly look impressive. If you require annual report printing in central London, speak to our print specialists on (020) 7930 1976.


Newsletter Printing

Newsletter printing for your customers

All companies have news. And while many disseminate this information through their social channels, Facebook’s own algorithm means it may not be being seen by everyone who would be interested. Likewise, email newsletters may hit someone’s junk folder, or just be deleted before even being opened.

This is where a printed newsletter may be a more appropriate option. Because they physically hold the document in their hands, it’s more likely the recipient will at least give it a cursory glance, a luxury they may not afford an email. Also, unlike emails, which may hit the spam filter, a mailed newsletter is guaranteed to be seen by its recipient.

One final thought. Lots of companies send emails. By sending a printed newsletter you can stand out. Because it’s sent directly to them, your customer will also appreciate the effort.


Conference Folder Printing

Business presentation printing for meetings and conferences

If you’re giving a business presentation, you’ll know about the importance of supplementary presentation materials. Having handouts that summarise your key information could reduce the need for excessive notetaking during the presentation, ensuring your audience has your full attention.

They can also serve to show charts or key figures that may be difficult to see in a boardroom or presentation hall.

When presented in a presentation binder, they look professional and can reinforce your credentials at the end of a meeting.

We provide business presentation folders in a number of materials, and with a number of personalised options, including the addition of pockets, business card holders and pen holders.

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