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Posted: January 30, 2020   •   Posted in: Marketing Tips, Printing London

How to incorporate print into your marketing plan for 2020

At the beginning of a new year, it’s a good time for marketing managers to devise concepts for upcoming campaigns. To determine what you want to achieve in 2020. And how your print and digital marketing can help you achieve your goals. To do this you’ll need a marketing plan. And if you’re using printed marketing materials, you’ll need a printer who can help you ensure they convert.

Here’s how Kall Kwik can help…

What is a marketing plan?

Your marketing plan is a list of your businesses goals over a given period. Alongside these targets, your plan should explain how you’re going to achieve these objectives. This includes the promotions you intend to run, your target audience, and the platforms you intend to use.

These platforms could include digital mediums, such as email marketing, Google ads or social media, or printed mediums, such as posters, leaflets and brochures.

The aim of the plan is to add clarity to your thinking.

When you know your business goals and your target audience, choosing the correct medium to convert them should be simple. Often a combination of online and offline marketing channels, these mediums work together to convert leads into customers.

Why you should use print in marketing: A brief history of print advertising

Print has been the backbone of marketing and advertising since the invention of the Gutenberg printing press in the 1400s. Back then, the merchant William Caxton advertised prayer books printed on his printing press by nailing adverts onto church doors.

As printing presses became more mainstream, their usage changed and diversified.

It’s acknowledged that the first advertisement in a periodical appeared in 1624, in Nathaniel Butter’s weekly newsbook. In the United States, billboards first appeared in the 1800s, with circus posters measuring over 50 sq. ft. appearing in New York.

The first mail-order catalogue was established in 1861 by Welshman, Pryce Pryce-Jones who distributed catalogues across the country and delivered his products via the railway network.

Print advertising became especially prevalent during the 1900s with the rise of American advertising agencies, which quickly spread influenced marketing across Europe. Print has continued to be a major marketing tool ever since, even though the popularity of digital mediums for marketing has increased since the introduction of the first banner advert on the internet in 1994.

How can Kall Kwik St James’s help with my printed marketing material?

Kall Kwik has been printing in London since 1980. In that time we’ve helped businesses to print on demand. From business cards to extra large billboard posters we can help businesses with their print advertising. With the latest printing equipment, including our Xerox Iridesse printing press, we can quickly print material which looks great and fits in with your overall marketing strategy, helping you to achieve your business goals.

Marketing Tip #1: Invest in good graphic design

Great graphic design has the power to grab attention and get you noticed. In a competitive marketplace, design can give you the edge you need when the competition is ferocious.

First impressions count in every business.

In those precious initial moments when you need to convey the right image… an image of a company worth getting to know… well-designed branding and communications can set you apart from your competitors.

With just a few seconds to engage your prospective customer’s interest, this is no time for ambiguous or poor design that does little to inspire confidence.

It’s not just about making things look pretty. It’s about making sure you get your message across as effectively as possible with the use of great design and great copy. Both go hand in hand.

If your sales message needs more weight our creative approach will ensure that you always get your point across, with maximum impact and memorability.

Whether it’s a company brochure, a direct mail campaign or spring-cleaning your sales collateral Kall Kwik St James’s can help you stand out from the crowd.

Kall Kwik St James’s can print your marketing material in central London

As a high street printing company, we’ve been helping businesses in central London with their print marketing since 1980. If you need advice on how to get the most from your printed marketing materials, speak to our experienced print team on (020) 7930 1976 or email [email protected].

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